Shooting star

Called her names, when she tried to break the door and enter the stadium
Labelled her, when she tried to stand up on her own
Judged her, when she tried to pursue her passion
Pulled her down, when she tried to climb up the ladder and fetch the book on top of the shelf touching the ceiling
Humiliated her, when she tried to put on the chain mail instead of the silk dress
She faced the world, when she was burning
She faced the world, when she was fading away
She was the streak of light falling from the sky
But the world, wished upon that mighty fire falling from the sky

Underrated: The World’s perception of you

Your heavy heart outweighed that barbell you lift

The child in you overlooked by the masculine figure you see in front of that big mirror

Little kindness in you outshone the cold personality you show the world

Gentleness deep within you oversighted by the resentful way of your swift response

World judged you the way you put on the coat

But, I know why you wore it that way

Embrace the scar darling! don’t conceal it

Cause at the end, your broken soul will wield it like a warrior!

Conversation with mom inside my head: Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
Please don’t try to wake me up in the morning
No, not this early
I know, have work to do
Do you know how I’m feeling mom?
Nevermind, can’t tell you either
No, l don’t have the courage to tell you
Honestly, I just don’t want to accept the reality
Yes, my face is swollen mom
I cried all night
Nobody heard
No, I didn’t want to show you my tears
I’m stuck in bed mom
I’m in pitch dark even though it’s still the morning
No, I don’t want to face people
All of my energy has been drained off
Yes, I’m trying to be okay
Yes, he’s okay, perfectly okay “smiles dearly “
Yes, we still talk “sighs”
Do you know what’s the hardest thing mom?
“Long silence” The flashbacks!

To the shattered soul

Somethings remind you of the dusk
Slowly fades with the warmth that kept you alive
to a point where you forget to care for the soul thrived within you
where you no more see, once there was light in that very soul that lit like a thousand stars

Feeling numb, like you are sinking in to an iced cold bath
In front of the mirror where shattered pieces trynna put a fake smile
you no longer could wield your differences
the scars you used to embrace
no longer could remember the strong soul that once existed within you!

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